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The Misfits

The Trip To Bountiful
Growing Old

Breezy (1973)

Calendar Girls


Girls’ Night

Driving Miss Daisy (1990)

High Times

Little Voice

Murphy’s Romance (1986)

On Golden Pond

Same Time, Next Year (1978)

Secondhand Lions

Space Cowboys

The Misfits (1961)
(Cast: Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, Montgomery Clift)
Most people probably don't see this movie as a story about growing old, and I didn't until quite recently, but now I do. The gorgeous, sex-symbol-of-the-50s, Marilyn Monroe, meets a weathered, grizzly, Clark Gable and love ensues. Of course, this isn't your regular kind of love (hence the title, The Misfits); no, it's somewhat twisted and peculiar. Set in Reno, Nevada and the surrounding desert area, it also takes a look at the end of the cowboy era, and a strange sadness that accompanies it. Certain aspects of this film are quite disturbing to me (the capturing of the wild Mustangs, for example), but I still enjoy watching it for the rich characterizations and the fine acting. The script was written by Arthur Miller, Monroe's husband at the time, and this was Clark Gable's last film (he died shortly after the it was completed). It's also a good example of the acting skills of the intriguing, and somewhat elusive, Montgomery Clift.

The Trip to Bountiful

The Whales of August


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